Hi Everyone!

My name is Jac Lee and I am 26 years old from Brisbane, Australia. I lived in Brisbane until I was 18 when I moved to America to study and play tennis at The College of William & Mary. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology & Health Sciences in 2016 while taking photos for the athletic department. I then moved to Noosa, Australia for a year and began working on venue, food and fashion photography. 

In November 2016 I upgraded to my current Sony Alpha 7rii and fell even more in love with photography. I decided to abandon the medical track I was on and make travel and photography my mission. 

I moved to Munich, Germany, and travelled to over 35 countries to take captivating photographs for clients all over the world.


Now based in Noosa, Australia, I work with clients in a wide variety of fields and travel often to cover the ATP and WTA tours (professional tennis). 


For enquiries or questions please drop me a line!

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Noosa, Australia